Tri Pod Cars for 3 wheeler kits in Australia. Reverse trike by Tri Pod Cars

Tri Pod Cars manufactures the Tri Pod 1 reverse trike kit car on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

The orange coloured prototype sports trike (or car) can be regularly seen driving around the Sunshine Coast being tested, developed and enjoyed.

The Tri Pod 1 almost certainly represents the best value car kit in Australia. Complete it yourself for around $20,000 odd or have us do the final assembly for an all up cost of around $35,000. Chassis kits start from a tenth of that, $3500.

We can supply all parts required to finish the build and help along the way to get your trike both completed and registered for road use.

Tri Pod 1 in Sunshine Coast hinterland.






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Tri Pod Cars

Andrew Hutchison

Cnr Production and Tandem Ave

Warana, Qld, 4575.

PO Box 1063, Buderim, Qld, 4556.


Phone - 0418 772 434

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Shots from the side of the road rather than in-car footage..



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The Tri Pod 1 being thrown around the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. It can be driven more calmly!
The Tri Pod 1 three wheel kit car is wholly made in Australia
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