Tri Pod Cars for 3 wheeler kits in Australia.

Tri Pod Cars is the commercial arm of a reverse trike project Andrew Hutchison started in 2006 as a personal project for his own building and then driving enjoyment.

At some point towards the end of the bodywork plug construction phase Andrew decided that maybe the panels could be offered for sale to other scratch build trike constructors to get a few bucks back on his huge investment in time.

Tri Pod Cars has ended up being a far bigger deal than Andrew ever dreamed with sales of complete kits being made to all corners of Australia, many plans built Tri Pod inspired copies being built by scratch builders and kits now being exported to the USA.

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Construction of the original Tri Pod 1 prototype began early 2006.

First test drive in a very basic state occured at the end of 2007

Construction of the bodywork plugs were started and stopped a number of times over the following years with completion occuring early 2012.

Registration of the completed Orange Prototype happened at the end of Oct 2012 with a 2500km shake down drive started immediately.

First kits were sold only a month later.

Many long test drives have been conducted since with the trek to Cape York (most northern part of mainland Australia) being perhaps the most adventureous with 1400 kms of very rough dirt road and 5500km overall distance covered.

First kits shipped to the US at the start of 2015.







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Tri Pod Cars

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PO Box 26, Beerwah, Qld, 4519.


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