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Parts and Prices - General info.

There are a number of ways you can build a Tri Pod 1. The easiest way is to simply order the complete chassis, rolling chassis kit of parts and the complete set of trimmed and sanded panels. There is still some handiwork required to make the panels fit and also you may wish to add some stiffening here and there (we leave them light for those that a keen on keeping weight to a minimum). You will also need to 'glass in' the bonnet hinge and catch. You could of course start with a pile of tube and our free plans (plans are included free of charge with a set of panels) and save a heap of money and also have the extra 'pleasure' of getting down and dirty with a chassis of your own making.

There are many options in the middle as well such as a raw chassis and untrimmed panels which keeps the starting costs sewnsible at $7250. A rolling kit on top of that will be just under $10,000 in total and will keep you busy for a while!

The design, construction of plugs, then taking moulds and in turn panels from those moulds is the single biggest absorber of time when building a one off vehicle.

Some folk show off a chassis, half constructed and imply they are nearly there. I estimate a chassis as 10% of the work to build a scratch built design. The bodywork is probably 65% leaving the rest for the myriad other smaller jobs. The wiring loom is a pest too, so if you wish to avoid that task , choose a Bandit 1250 donor as we have a template loom for one and can build it for you. Plug and play!!

Chassis pricing -

Basic chassis complete - Raw finish, chassis complete with wishbones but no other brackets other than wishbone pick up points. Fully constructed at rear to suite Honda Firestorm VTR1000 or Suzuki Bandit (1250). $3500 inc GST

Kit chassis - Powder coated complete chassis ready to bolt in Honda VTR1000 power. Fully bracketed and ali sheeted. Ready to assemble with minimal tools (quality Rivnut tool included). $4850 inc GST

If you already have a rivnut tool we'll throw in some other stuff to equal value.

New downloadable parts list coming soon. If you can't wait - email -

Body Panel pricing -

Full set of panels straight out of the moulds - Includes 2 x sidepods, 1 x nosecone, 1 x engine cover, 2 x front cycle guards, 1 x rear guard, 1 x dashboard and 1 x seat panel. $3750 inc GST

Full set of panels trimmed and sanded - Includes 2 x sidepods, 1 x nosecone, 1 x engine cover, 2 x front cycle guards, 1 x rear guard, 1 x dashboard and 1 x seat panel. $4500 inc GST

Other parts prices -

Fuel tank - 25 litre, ali with inlet, outlet, breather and brackets/mounts. Screw on alloy cap. Hand crafted to suit Tri Pod 1. $760

Electric reverse - Motor, arm, sprockets, linear actuator, instructions etc. $1100

Can't be bothered building one!

Have us build it for you to your exact spec

From $35,000. (plus rego and GST)






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The Tri Pod 1 three wheel kit car is wholly made in Australia
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